Best Dissertation Seminar 2021 UGM Postgraduate School

UGM Graduate School has successfully held a Session Excellence Dissertation Seminar which will be held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, virtually via the zoom platform.

The event is a form of appreciation from the UGM Graduate School to students with the best research covering various interesting and relevant issues with current global issues.

This excellent dissertation seminar was divided into three very interesting sessions, starting with the first session discussing environmental and biotechnology issues.

The second session discussed Global Husaini on Arbain walk, productive waqf management, Pork Barrel political practices and social capital for MSMEs.

While the last session discussed the transformation of the status of OJOL workers, the interrelation of pottery and ceramics, the politics of space consumption and technology, and the design of a tourism framework.

By this event, we all hoped that it can provide opportunity and insight to the wider community, so that the possibility of following up on the findings of the research with partners and stakeholders is greater and is beneficial to the wider community.