UGM Graduate School Status

The Graduate School of UGM has a very strategic position in the university, namely as a unit that is mandated to manage the multi-disciplinary study programs, as a form of implementing the Tridarma of Higher Education (three main tasks in higher education). It is stated that study programs exist at the Graduate School of UGM has to have the main characteristic of being cross-, multi-, and inter-disciplinary; to be a strategic science; and as a mandate from the university in order to meet the nation prominence. The existence of the Multidisciplinary Graduate Schools at Universitas Gadjah Mada is accordingly expected to have important role in any effort to solve any existing society and nation problems.


1. National Status

The Graduate School of UGM is one of the most well-known postgraduate school in Indonesia which has distinctive cross-, multi-, intra- and inter-disciplinary characteristics. As an educational institution that is registered at  the Indonesian Directorate of Higher Education, all study programs have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board. Of the 25 existing study programs, as many as 20 are currently accredited A (very good), 3  are accredited B (good) and others. more info

2. International Status

Graduate School of Universitas Gadjah Mada has been recognized internationally. A number international collaboration in the field of education and/or research has been established with universities abroad, namely Chiangmai University, Monash University, Gifu University, Ibaraki University, Osaka University, Shizuoka University, Tun Hussein University Onn Malaysia and Tsukuba University. The international collaboration mostly exist in the form of double degree programme, visiting lecturer activities, and students exchange activities. Graduate School of UGM is also actively involved in international scientific events, and periodically organizing international scientific seminars as annual program of the School.