Excellence of The Graduate School

Excellence and Strength of Graduate School Faculty

  1. Graduate School has an interdisciplinary approach that attracts stakeholders' interests and characterizes it in higher education market.
  2. Graduate School has lecturers holding at least doctorate degree.
  3. The interdisciplinary study of Graduate School allows to respond to concrete problems of society, which are not compartmentalized in certain disciplines.
  4. Graduate School Faculty has an integrated information systems with university information systems and are able to meet the demands of users' information.
  5. Graduate School Faculty has gained trust from government, private sector, donor agencies, and community in delivering higher education.
  6. Graduate School Faculty Campuses has an adequate facilities to meet academic and non-academic activities.
  7. Graduate School Faculty has superior qualifications teaching staffs who hold a minimum of a doctorate in their fields.
  8. Graduate School Faculty has a fairly strong institutional network with various institutions and alumni at the national level (government and donor agencies) and international level.