Facilities and Services

The Graduate School UGM provides students with a comprehensive list of infrastructures and facilities to support student’s needs for academic and non-academic activities. Graduate School UGM has a subsection that specifically serves students, namely an academic sub-section, a general sub-section, and an information technology sub-section. Study rooms and discussion spaces are available at each study program and on the 5th-floor of the Graduate School building to meet the student's need for discussion or meeting spaces between fellow students or between students and lecturers. It is also equipped with a lift, hotspots (WiFi area), and teleconference facilities to support internet-based learning.

The Graduate School UGM provides students with reference services and sources. Students can access libraries at each department, faculty libraries, Universitas Gadjah Mada central library, and other national and international references via an online network.

Students and lecturers have access to all facilities on campus for both academic and non-academic activities. For academic activities, lecturers and students have internet access anywhere on-campus area. Students can access laboratories because the university has a policy on resource-sharing.

Other supporting facilities are UGM residence (student housing facilities), Gelanggang Mahasiswa (sports arena facilities), tennis and badminton courts at Lembah UGM (UGM Valley) as well as Pancasila stadium, art facilities at Koesnadi Hardjosoemantri cultural center building, worship facilities such campus mosque, health facilities at GMC Health Center, clinics that provide a first aid service, as well as Dr. Soedomo and Academic Hospital (RSA). Banks and ATM centers are also available as banking facilities in the campus area.