SPs Gets Input from Stakeholders Through Tri Dharma Workshop

Jogja (13/10/2021) UGM Postgraduate School (SPs) solicits suggestions and input from all stakeholders through the Tri Dharma Workshop: Education, Research, and Community Service, Gadjah Mada University Postgraduate School, which will be held for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday 13 and 14 October 2021.

The stakeholders consisting of cooperation partners, graduate users, alumni, lecturers, and students participated in the online event. All study programs that participated in this activity were under the coordination of SPs, while the stakeholders who attended came from various institutions and positions related to each topic of discussion and scholarship.

The workshop, which was attended by around 300 participants, was divided into 5 discussion groups, after previously following the opening and directions from the Dean of SPs, Prof. Ir. Siti Malkhamah, M.Sc., Ph.D and from the Head of SPs Quality Assurance, Dr. Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo, M.Sc.

Group 1 consists of Master's Degrees in Religion and Cross-Cultural Studies, Masters Degree in Islamic Economics, Doctoral Degrees in Islamic Economics and Halal Industry, Doctoral Degrees in Inter-Religious Studies, and Masters and Doctoral Programs in Leadership and Policy Innovation.

Group 2, consisting of Masters and Doctoral Programs in Performing Arts and Fine Arts Studies, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Tourism Studies, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Cultural and Media Studies, Interests in Management and Library Information.

Group 3 consists of Master's Degree Programs in Biomedical Engineering, Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Biotechnology, and Master's Degree in Bioethics.

Group 4 consists of Masters and Doctoral Programs in Environmental Science and the study interests below, Masters Degree in Disaster Management, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Development Extension and Communication.

Meanwhile, group 5 consists of Masters and Doctoral Programs in Population, Masters and Doctoral Degrees on National Resilience, and Masters Degree in Higher Education Management.

The results of this activity will be studied further to take policies and strategies that will be decided for the development of the UGM Graduate School.

This is a major factor that is important to realize the contribution of the UGM Graduate School to efforts to improve welfare, community resilience, resilience and progress for the Indonesian nation and state.

This joint evaluation is also expected to improve performance in the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education in the future. (SPs/arni)