Public lecture for new students academic year odd 2021/2022.

Jogja, (10/9/2021) The Postgraduate School held a Public Lecture for new students academic year odd 2021/2022 online on Friday, September 10, 2021. On this occasion, SPs presented Dr. Nahar Taufiq, alumni of the Biotechnology Study Program, interested in Biomedical Engineering from the Doctoral Program.

In his presentation, Dr. Nahar conveyed that along with the development of the era, there were many cases of complex and high-risk diseases for sufferers. But at the same time, advanced technology is developing rapidly to be able to treat the disease. Some of the technologies developed, for example, are Coronary Stents.

The Coronary Stent concept has actually been developed since 1964, it's just that in its development there are many things that must be considered to be applied because it contains a risky polymer material. In fact in 2017 all coronary stents were withdrawn from circulation due to a series of patient failures. From this incident, a re-research called inSilic research was carried out using sophisticated computational technology methods.

The inSilic study used virtual simulations for the application of coronary stents to patients. Several phases of clinical trials are carried out so that the results can actually be applied to patients without causing side effects. "In this research I cannot do it alone as a doctor, I involve engineering people and computer experts so that this research is a multidisciplinary research," said Dr. Nahar.

More Dr. Nahar explained that this Insilic research could be a platform for the formation, development and assessment of materials on health technology, especially in the midst of a pandemic like the current situation where health workers are being challenged by the limited health technology in Indonesia.

In addition, SPs also presented resource persons who delivered material on Health Promoting University by Prof. Dra. Rr. Yayi Suryo Prabandari.

The existence of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the academic community, especially at UGM, to adapt to new habits. Some of the steps taken in the adaptation process include making learning activities that are usually done face-to-face into a network (online).

As of this writing, there is no certainty that campus activities will be opened as usual. However, several things need to be prepared if the campus is to be reopened. Among them are the main movement and the supporting movement in the process of adapting new habits. The main movements consist of 5M (washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds and reducing mobility) and 3T (Tracing, Test and Treatment). The main movement will certainly not be successfully implemented in the community if it is not supported by supporting movements, namely regular health checks, not smoking, exercise, regular eating patterns and reducing the burden of the mind. (Sps/Muli/arni)