Seyla Benhabib: The Political Position of the Womens Movement

Jogja, SPs UGM (18/3/2021). Seyla Benhabib is perhaps a figure of thinker whose name is less well known among academics at large, perhaps even among activists of the women's movement.

But in fact, Seyla Benhabib contributed a lot of ideas to answer the problem of gender inequality and the position of the women's movement which is linked to issues of inequality in the context of a "Western" society complicated by the presence of immigrants from "non-Western" societies.

There, the problems of "national identity", "citizenship", multiculturalism, and so on emerge to the surface.

The "Great Thinker" Series Seminar Forum, which has been regularly held twice a year by the UGM Graduate School since 2010, tries to raise Seyla Benhabib's thoughts and views on the political position of the women's movement.

Great Thinkers this time, presented two speakers who were quite intense in dealing with the figures' thoughts, namely Ita Fatia Nadia, M.A. (Feminist and Researcher of the History of the Women's Movement) and Dr. Atnike Nova Sigiro (Executive Director of the Women's Journal Foundation, Jakarta).

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Ahnaf (Religion and Cross-Cultural University of UGM).

Hopefully this seminar can broaden the audience's insight into feminist theories in answering related problems in Indonesia. (SPs / Beta / Arni)