Reformulation of Sustainable Development Programs in the Era and Post-Covid-19

On March 13, 2021, the UGM Postgraduate School held a National Seminar with the theme "Reformulation of the Sustainable Development Program in the social, cultural, economic and technological fields in the Era and Post-Covid-19". This activity was carried out online with around 120 participants from various lines, including students, alumni, students, and lecturers. This event was opened by the Dean of the UGM Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Siti Malkhamah, M.Sc., Ph.D, then continued with the delivery of material from Mr. Dr. Ir. Arifin Rudiyanto, M.Sc, (Deputy of Maritime Affairs and Natural Resources BAPPENAS) with the material "Accelerating Economic Recovery and Social Reform and Covid-19 Mitigation" in his presentation, Mr. Arifin explained that Covid-19 is a momentum to accelerate economic recovery, social reform and environmental conservation in a sustainable manner through the SDGs and low carbon development. After the presentation from the Keynote Speaker, it was followed by a presentation by 3 speakers from each of the Cross Disciplines.

The second speaker, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Darwin, MPA (Lecturer at the Postgraduate School of Leadership and Policy Innovation Study Program and Lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM) with the material "Evaluation of grassroots policies for tackling COVID-19", Prof. Muhadjir continued that a pandemic is currently a momentum to increase community initiative, social innovation and solidarity.

The explanation of the third material was delivered by Prof. Dra. RA. Yayi Suryo P, M.Si., Ph.D (Lecturer of the Postgraduate School Bioethics Study Program and Lecturer at the UGM KKMK Faculty) with the material "The Role of Health Promoting University (HPU) in preparation for adapting new habits to a Healthy and Dignified campus" Higher Education Prof Yayi said that the Pandemic Condition could be used as a momentum for Higher Education in particular to innovate and make preparations to face the new era of normality. The last speaker was Dr. Budiawan, M.A (Lecturer at the UGM Graduate School of Cultural Studies and Media Studies) with the material "Film as Education for Handling the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Promotion of Tourism". In his presentation, Mr. Budiawan said that films can be used as a medium for education, social reform and support the economy, especially promotion in the field of tourism. (SPs.sefty/arni)