Brief Description of Graduate School Faculty

UGM Postgraduate Education has been started since 1950, and it has been renamed several times. Starting with the name of Lembaga Pendidikan Doktor (LPD) or Doctoral Education Institution, then changed into Fakultas Pascasarjana or Faculty of Postgraduate, then changed into Program Pascasarjana (PPs) or Postgraduate Program, renamed as Sekolah Pascasarjana (SPs) or Postgraduate School. In 1993 a Decree of the Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 580 / DIKTI / Kep / 1993 was stipulated regarding the Granting of a Master and Doctoral Study Program Permit for UGM. This decree is related to the ongoing implementation of the Masters and Doctoral programs at UGM and stipulates 41 Masters Study Programs (S2) and 6 majors for the doctoral level (S3). All study programs and majors are part of the Postgraduate education at UGM.

The decision on the implementation of the postgraduate program at UGM was stipulated in the Decision of the UGM Chancellor No. 260 / P / SK / HT / 2004 concerning Postgraduate Schools which was later refined through the Decree of the UGM Chancellor No. 89 / P / SK / HT / 2006 concerning the Implementation of the Postgraduate Program. Both of these provisions in principle are as an affirmation of the need for the implementation of the Postgraduate Program based on competencies in the fields of science that are monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary.

In 2013 the government of the Republic of Indonesia issued Government Regulation Number 67 of 2013 concerning the University of Gadjah Mada's Statute, in which it was stated that the School was a faculty-level academic implementing agent tasked with organizing and / or coordinating diploma programs or postgraduate (S2 and S3) programs.

The Board of Trustees issued the Regulation of the Board of Trustees of Universitas Gadjah Mada Number 4 / SK / MWA / 2014 in 2014 concerning the organization and governance of Universitas Gadjah Mada, which also stated similar things to Government Regulation Number 67 of 2013. Furthermore, the Rules of the Assembly The Trustee of Universitas Gadjah Mada Number 4 / SK / MWA / 2015 regarding General Policy of the Universitas Gadjah Mada in 2012-2037 was determined to implement the provisions in article 64 paragraph (1) Government Regulation Number 67 Year 2013 concerning the Statute of Gadjah Mada University.

In order to carry out the provisions in article 99 paragraph (4) of the Board of Trustees Regulation Number 4 / SK / MWA / 2014 concerning organization and governance, a Rector's regulation No. 11 of 2016 concerning Postgraduate Education was established. Under this regulation, the position of the Postgraduate School is more stable in managing strategic study programs under the auspices of the School of Science that functions as the organizer of the development of strategic science for the nation and the implementation of Tridharma.


Being an international Graduate School of superior and distinguished, oriented to the interests of the nation based on Pancasila.


  • Education, research, and community service that has prestige and international competitiveness at the graduate level in the multidisciplinary field
  • Graduate School develop into an institution that has a reliable institutional capacity, both in terms of infrastructure, human resources, governance, and Corporate Culture
  • Expanding the network of alumni and cooperation in improving the quality of the infrastructure and financial capability education, research, and community service.